How to Heal Your Gut, Resolve Your Digestive, Mood, and Skin Issues that Have Plagued You For Months, Years, or Even Decades

After finding and fixing my own Leaky Gut, H Pylori, Parasites, SIBO, Candida, and Mycotoxin problems, I brought my skills to the clinic.

Now, I've turned my clinical process and step-by-step strategies into do-it-yourself course that can be applicable for you and others you want to help in your life and practice.


How to Heal Your Gut, Resolve Your Digestive, Mood, and Skin Issues that Have Plagued You For Months, Years, or Even Decades

After finding and fixing my own Leaky Gut, H Pylori, Parasites, SIBO, Candida, and Mycotoxin problems, I brought my skills to the clinic.

Now, I've turned my clinical process and step-by-step strategies into do-it-yourself course that can be applicable for you and others you want to help in your life and practice.


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Stop the Guesswork and Reclaim Your Vitality

  • If you are reading this, you have probably spent thousands of dollars on unnecessary testing that did not further your functional medicine knowledge and did not lead you to clinical outcomes such as DNA, genetics, UBiome, Viome, and more.
  • You have used antibiotics, anti-parasitic drugs, acid blockers, antidepressants, antifungals, and other conventional drugs that are commonly prescribed without long-term clinical success.
  • You have force-fed yourself fermented foods, and mystery powders, and potions you heard about on the internet.
  • Most importantly, you have been guessing and checking using random supplements to fix your issues.

Some Of The Doctors Indicated This Was "All In My Head"! And That I Was Flat-Out Crazy

See, it was so depressing to hear all that back then.

But now, I'm grateful. Why?

Because without all that helplessness and desperation I felt (when I saw there was NO solution for my symptoms) I wouldn't have embarked on my OWN healing journey. Where I happened to learn so much; grow so much; and eventually, help hundreds of people in my shoes.

Instead of investing in random supplements you've stumbled upon in blogs, podcasts, or webinars, thinking they were the elusive "silver bullet" only to find they drained your wallet, it's time for a different approach.

You can improve your gut without having to rely only on bone broth and aloe juice. They're good, but not the only things that can help your gut. Stop going from one practitioners to another without ever really fixing what's causing your problems.

Get the Better Belly course today and start feeling better. Say goodbye to gas, bloating, cramps, weight gain, brain fog, sadness, worry, skin troubles, and tiredness.

Introducing: The Better Belly Program

A video-based training program to teach you how to understand your digestive health and overall health.

You will learn the proper advanced lab tests that can be done from the comfort of your home to investigate your health struggles. You can expect to recover from your suffering from digestive, mood, skin, and hormonal imbalances.

Inside This Self-Paced Online Course, You'll:

  • Learn how to use advanced stool and urine testing such as the DNA GI MAP, Organic Acids Testing, GPL-TOX Chemical Profiles, and MYCO mycotoxin tests* to find and fix the issues causing you and your clients various health symptoms and complaints
  • Learn how to create a personalized diet and supplement protocol to clear your gut infections and heal your leaky gut
  • Get access to clinical protocols specifically for SIBO, Candida, Parasites, H. Pylori and other issues streamlining your 1:1 consultations and completely eliminating the guesswork!!!
  • Learn how to create a plan to retest to confirm you have cleaned up your gut issues and that you've healed your gut
  • Learn the differences between conventional medicine approaches to common digestive issues and the more advanced, safer, and usually more successful functional medicine strategies
  • And so much more!


How Can The Better Belly Program Be

a Turning Point In YOUR Life?

  • The Better Belly course will FINALLY help you solve your health challenges - through the unique health protocols I've designed (and have tested with over 1000 patients). If you ask my high-profile, thought-leader colleagues, I'm known in this industry as a "big-picture" guy. This means I'm able to connect all the dots & put all the pieces together using my client's lab results. This is why my protocols flat-out work.
  • NO ONE else in the world uses these protocols that I've created after years of trial and error. And now, for a couple of days, you get a chance to use the same protocols at home to fix your health like hundreds of my patients & live symptom-free.
  • You'll get properly TESTED. No more shooting in the dark and enriching your supplement graveyard! You'll learn how to use urine and stool tests at home (to finally figure out which body systems are dysfunctioning) and what action steps (which protocols) to implement to fix each.

Real Stories, Real Health Transformations

Success stories that prove digestive health renewal is possible for anyone.

“The best part is Evan provide expert advice”

Evan's knowledge and experience with lab interpretation and program design make the course enjoyable and easy to understand. The best part is knowing that Evan is available to provide expert advice or a second opinion when needed.
His coaching has given me the confidence to utilize functional lab tests and increasing supplement programs (i.e. antimicrobial, mitochondrial, detoxification, etc.). I am so grateful for his continued support.

- Dr. Judy

“I am already feeling much better”

I heard Evan speak at several online summits, searching for answers that conventional medicine was not providing. After much unsuccessful experimentation on my own, I was tired of guessing and shooting in the dark. I wanted to test. Some of the symptoms I’ve been having I attributed to the onset of menopause. The testing Evan ordered showed the presence of mold. I am only two months into my protocol with Evan and I am already feeling much better. I highly recommend Evan!

- Elizabeth M.

“Evan's additional input was priceless”

If you want to get better and not waste time, get tested and use Evan's knowledge to assist with the action plan. I guessed, and began building my supplement graveyard, but should have tested right away.
I even tried to create my own action plan according to the results of the GI Map... glad I didn't buy more supplements because Evan's additional input was priceless. Looking forward to the results of this next protocol. Thanks team!!!

- Jeremy K.

Ready to Achieve Radiant Skin, Unshakable Confidence and Vibrant Health?

This Program Is For You If You...

  • You have a nutrition certification but want to go beyond diet to reverse and heal your gut and your clients.
  • Want to start building up your nutrition coaching business but want extra education that you weren't provided in your school?
  • Have you already started improving your gut but feel that you are not 100% sure what you're dealing with and how exactly to fix it and want someone to show you the more profound science behind gut health?
  • Dream of a day when you can be symptom-free from your gut complaints and eat food without fear.
  • Want to learn functional medicine strategies but are overwhelmed, uninterested, or unqualified to take the doctorate-level courses available on the internet for 10X the cost?
  • Simply want to learn more about achieving optimal gut health and the infections that can make or break your mental health, sleep, skin, energy levels, and more.

Here’s What We’ll Cover In The Course

Success stories that prove digestive health renewal is possible for anyone.


GI System Dysfunction

They don’t teach you about your digestive system in school, and they should! Module 1 will teach you about the signs and symptoms of gut infections.
You will learn about your brain and mood issues that can result from gut infections. Depression, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia and other symptoms can be linked to your digestive issues. Learn what lab tests are important to investigate based on your symptoms and suffering. Finish off with an “adrenal and gut health starter protocol” to get yourself feeling better immediately.


Irritable Bowel Syndrome

IBS affects more than 50 million people just in the USA alone. This confusing condition and name gets thrown at nearly everyone with digestive symptoms, but the reality is that IBS has root causes related to various bacteria, yeast, and fungus.
You will learn about testing for IBS, case studies, and protocols on how to fix IBS once and for all. I suffered my entire life with IBS and have now completely healed from it. I’ll also teach you about autoimmune digestive issues and how to support them such as chrons, ulcerative colitis, and others.


Candida Overgrowth

Candida overgrowth is a yeast problem that can cause athletes foot, vaginal yeast infections, fungal nails, white coated tongue, brain fog, sugar cravings, bloating, depression, and many other symptoms.

You will learn what really causes candida, show you some case studies including children with candida, and the protocols that I use to fix them.

Also, I’ll teach you my strategies about how to maintain a healthy balance with candida long-term.


Low Stomach Acid and Restoring Digestive


Vultures are an amazing bird that never gets sick from eating roadkill.

You will learn about their digestive health secret that allows them to digest even the most difficult food items including bones and how we can implement their techniques into human digestive health.

You will learn about the signs and symptoms of low stomach acid and how medications may be making your digestive health issues worse and what to do instead.


SIBO and SIFO: Testing

and Solutions

You will learn about the conventional approach to treating small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and small intestinal fungal overgrowth (SIFO) and why even the best medical doctors are failing to resolve this issue!

You will learn about the signs and symptoms of SIBO/SIFO and show you some case studies from the clinic where we’ve totally resolved the issue with natural medicine. You will learn the nutrition strategies to make your protocol even more successful. There’s also an important module

about COVID and gut health that you don’t want to miss.


H. Pylori, Clostridia, C. Diff, and Antibiotic-Resistant Infections

There are many scary bacteria out there that are becoming more resistant to conventional antibiotics. These include H. pylori, Clostridia, weight issues, diarrhoea, & many other symptoms that can destroy your life & the medications may not help you. Fortunately, I’ve seen 1,000+ cases of this & have been able to heal & reverse these cases of H. pylori, clostridia, & other bacteria that seem to be resistant to antibiotics. You will learn about the link between heart, mood, & autism spectrum issues in children & how this relates to bacterial infections.


Parasites and Worm Infections

You don’t have to travel to exotic locations to get exposed to parasites and worms. These infections are way more common than you suspect and with advanced functional medicine testing we’ve been able to find things that other practitioners and even prestigious hospitals can’t fix.
With my signs and symptoms you may have a hunch that you’re infected. Once we suspect or find these infections you can follow my parasite and worm protocols to rid them from your body! Most importantly, the post-infection support is where the magic happens to heal your gut from the damage and to increase your immunity to prevent future infections.


1-on-1 Clinical Protocol Creation and Scheduling Flow

The best way to learn is to shadow people and that’s exactly what this module is about.

You’ll actually be able to watch, listen, and learn from me working with clients in the clinic.

I’ll be sharing my screen, the phone/video call itself as well as doing live lab test review and protocol creation so that you’ll be more confident when it comes to building your protocol.

You’ll also see some great case studies that may match your situation perfectly. See how we fix them!


Mold and Mycotoxins

You will get exclusive workshops on:

  • How Mycotoxins create digestive, neuropsychiatric, and Marriage Issues, Mold
  • Mycotoxins and Biotoxin illness, Early Puberty, Hormonal Imbalances, and Mold Toxicity
  • The "Home Oasis" webinar which shows you how to detox your home from EMF, chemicals, and other toxins.
  • Mold Presentation (from the Great Plains Laboratory Workshop)

Plus MP3 audios of Jeff Bookout on Natural Mold and Candida Remediation, JW Biava on Candida and Mold in Your Environment, and Mycotoxins and Their Systemic Effects.


Candida Summit

The candida summit is a collection of 35 interviews with some of the world's best natural medicine practitioners to give you ideas and solutions about how to approach yeast and fungal issues.

It’s just something we wanted to share with you in addition to the incredible course content that includes candida protocols for adults and children, including both capsule and liquid protocols.


Coaching Consultations & a Child Digestive Issues Case Study

The coaching consultations give you the ability to listen to conversations with clients.

That way you can learn the rapport and see the way I think when it comes to approaching even the most complex chronic illness cases and how to take an overwhelming amount of information found on laboratory testing and put it into actionable steps and protocols.

The Better Belly Program

Because of the absolutely hectic schedule in my clinic, I’m limiting the enrollment to 100 people each quarter. This way, we’ll take good care of everyone who’ll join.

Psst... spots can go fast (I have more than 100,000 loyal subscribers who will hear about this offer), so don’t delay taking action to not miss out. I'll not re-open this course for at least a few months.

Here’s What You Get:

  • Lifetime access to Better Belly Program
  • 75+ NO BS Training & Exclusive Case Studies
  • Procotol templates & resources
  • Access to all the files used throughout each module & interactive Quizzes
  • Frequent updates as needed and requested
  • Access to Lab Tests & Supplements
  • BONUS: Mold & Mycotoxins Deep Dive
  • BONUS: MP3 Files of Coaching Consultations & a Child Digestive Issues Case Study
  • BONUS: Candida Summit with 35 different speakers
  • And much more!

Total Value: $3,997

Today Just $1,325

More Life-Changing Testimonials from

Our Thriving Clients

“All my mycotoxins symptoms are gone”

I used your protocol to clear the mycotoxins. In 5 months, the one that was off the charts was gone. I have just a trace left. All my mycotoxins symptoms are gone. I have some bacteria overgrowth left and I am planning a parasite cleanse. Thanks again for bringing my health back.

- Jim

“Answer questions and offer guidance”

WOW, unlike any other program/course I have taken, Evan’s practical teaching, with the research and targeted approach in his training, was exceptional! Evan is within reach for consults to answer questions and offer guidance as I continue to learn and implement the course.

- Charity

“Refer to it frequently in my clinical practice”

This course was worth every penny. I still refer to it frequently in my clinical practice and found the clinical pearls invaluable. I did take a functional medicine course for CE’s that was around $5,000 and found the content overwhelming and irrelevant compared to Evan’s course.

- Dr. Rachel Bright, ND


Who’s Better Belly Program For

Whether You're a Seasoned Health Professional or Just Curious About Your Well-Being,

The Better Belly Course Has You Covered.

  • Health Coach
  • Naturopaths
  • Body Workers
  • Chiropractors
  • Medical Doctors
  • Acupuncturists
  • College Students
  • Restart Instructors
  • Recipe Creators
  • Stay at Home Moms
  • Pediatricians
  • Gastroenterologists
  • DIY Health Seekers
  • Nutritionists
  • Frustrated Patients

Ready to Achieve Radiant Skin, Unshakable Confidence and Vibrant Health?


Evan Brand

I'm a Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition and a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, podcast host, online course creator, and founder of

In the last 10 years, I've helped thousands of clients across the globe to recover their health by using functional medicine and nutritional therapy.

I started out in a brick-in-mortar chiropractic office providing functional medicine to people that dealt with chronic pain, car injuries, and other issues.

I got those clients well enough that they didn't need chiropractic care anymore and my partner and I had to split ways! Funny how that turned out...

Now, I've turned my clinical process and step-by-step strategies into do-it-yourself courses that can be applicable for you and others you want to help in your life and practice.


We Got Answers

At The Better Belly Course, we're dedicated to helping you achieve optimal digestive health, energy, and overall well-being. Our mission is to guide you on a journey towards a life free from digestive discomfort and filled with vitality. We don't just focus on theories but provide practical solutions to empower you.

We're committed to ensuring you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about your journey to improved gut health.

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! Once you enroll, you can start right away! The following sections open every 3 days to guide students since the sections are in a specific order. But, other than that, you can pace yourself however you'd like.

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever. After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

Sorry, no refunds! This course is for committed health seekers only, so if you aren't 100% sure that you want to take action on our strategies, it might be best to think it over before you commit. After working with 1,000 clients and successfully implementing these protocols and strategies across the globe, we're extremely confident that what we are teaching works.

I'm not a tech person - will I be able to keep up?

YES! This course was designed specifically with tech-challenged newbies in mind. Upon enrolling, you'll be sent information on how to create your personalized course login. Then, every lesson is organized in order, with video/audio lessons and protocol sheets all in one convenient place!

Can I receive Professional Development Credits (PDCs)/ Continuing Education Credits (CECs) with this course?

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioners (FDN-Ps) can receive 9 PDCs by completing this course. You'll only need the certificate of completion and follow the same process of recertification with FDN.

Members of the National Association of Nutrition Professions (NANP) can receive a total of 20 CECs on a one (1) contact hour to one (1) continuing education unit equivalency. You'll only need the certificate of completion to avail your CECs with NANP.

Are consultations, lab tests, and supplements included in the price of course?

No, they are not. Students may book a coaching consultation if they have multiple and/or complex questions regarding the lesson, otherwise, they can send us an email. More information on how to book and the rates will be included in the course. If you are interested in working with Evan but would like to know more about the process, you can book a 15-minute free introductory consultation at You will have to purchase lab tests and supplements separately. You can view and order tests and supplements at or source them locally. For those living outside the US, you can contact us at for more information on how to order tests.

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